A jewelry lover's guide to building a perfect ring stack

A jewelry lover's guide to building a perfect ring stack

The beauty of ring stacking is that you can go for endless opportunities. It only needs an artistic vision and a creative imagination to make winning combinations. From rings comprising of different metals to glam rings, delicate designs, and the chunkier pieces: there's so much you can.

If you've been looking for a jewelry lover's guide to stacking rings the best way possible, we have one for your below.

1.    Mix Metals

Remember that those ring stacks that feature a greater variety of metals are truly fashion-forward and futuristic. You want to pull off an incredibly stylish and stunning look, but it also should be personalized. Your ring stack must reflect your personality and your creative vision. Hence, try to switch styles with a mix of metals, such as a delicate ring in rose gold, a chunkier silver piece, and a ruby-encrusted ring to add a touch of romance.

2.    Don't Stick to the Same Styles and Shapes.

As jewelry lovers, we have our favorites, but ring stacks that are more versatile are more eye-catching. Just like you must mix metals, it is also great to incorporate a range of styles and shapes in a single look. For instance, you could choose a stunning eternity ring and pair it with another featuring a thicker band.

The mix and match of shapes and styles will surely add a more interesting visual element.

3.    Don't Be Scared with Colors.

We have often seen jewelry wearers hesitant with colored stones when it comes to ring stacks. Take it from us; the more colored gemstones you choose, the more vibrant look you will create. Adding a ring with a colored gemstone is sure to make your rings more playful and vibrant.

If you’re the absolutely daring type, then you could very well opt for a rainbow stack too. It would include a variety of colored gemstones in a range of ring styles.

4.    Never Skip the Midi

Many often underestimate the power of midi in a ring stack. But as fashion trends have it, midi is quite an eye-catching detail in a ring stack. You could add a simple midi to your middle finger if you're not too fond of it. But if it's your favorite too, like ours, there's no harm in adding more midis.

5.    Chunkier Rings make an Impact.

We know the idea of minimalism is quite popular, but in the case of ring stacks, chunkier pieces have quite an impact. We suggest alternating your styles, especially if you're a minimalist enthusiast. By incorporating a bolder ring in your stack, you'd create quite a stir and a powerful impact.

Plus, the addition of one or two chunky rings makes a statement but also gives your look some much-needed visual intricacy.

Final Thoughts

Ring stacks give jewelry wearers a range of styling options, but often it can be not easy to figure out what to add and how to pair. According to jewelry experts, the more you mix and match metals, shapes, styles, and colors, the more impactful your ring stacks will be.